Turkey Travel Safety Update

In October 2014 we posted a Safety Update in response to concerns about safety as a result of a situation on the Turkish Syrian border at that time. The tensions along the border that were an issue at the end of 2014 have eased. As a result, Fez Travel is pleased to announce that in 2015 we will be running our scheduled departures of our Eastern Turkey, Eastern Discovery and Eastern Miracle tours as well as our regular departures between April & October of our 4 Day Mount Nemrut Eastern Explorer tour which goes from Cappadocia to Mount Nemrut.

Some foreign governments have advised against travel to the southeast of Turkey only, and to avoid travel within 50km (or in some cases, within 10km) of the Syrian border.  None of our Eastern Turkey tours go into this zone.

The majority of Fez Travel’s tours travel around the Western Turkey region, and Cappadocia is the most Easterly point on these departures (the exception being our Eastern Turkey tours).  This is around 600km from the Syrian border, and so Fez will be operating these tours as usual in 2015.

Should the situation suddenly change we will assess our trips to ascertain whether they need to be cancelled or re-routed where it is safe to do so.  We would do this in consultation with our guests and advise whether there would be any extra costs.  The safety and well-being of our guests and staff is always of paramount importance to us.

Travelling anywhere in the world carries an element of risk, and we advise you to exercise normal precautions that you would take travelling anywhere in the World.  These include registering with your government’s traveller registration service, avoiding public gatherings and demonstrations and taking normal personal safety precautions as you would in your home country.

Fez Travel thanks you for your support and we look forward to showing you Turkish hospitality when you visit.

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