Fez People – Meet Ebru from our Sales Team

Name:  Ebru Eroskay

Position:  Sales representative in Fez Travel’s head office in Istanbul

Where are you from?  I was born and grew up in Istanbul, however my family elders come from Bulgaria. 

How long have you worked for Fez? I’ve been working for Fez Travel since January 2015, however my career in the Turkish tourism industry began around 20 years ago when I started work selling tickets for hop on hop off city tour buses in Sultanahmet square. Later, I worked for several travel agencies and gained experience in sales and marketing, tour operations, product development and meeting & incentive organization. So I have worked in almost every field of travel business, and am happy to now be putting my knowledge to use in Fez’s sales team.

What did you study at university?  I have a bachelor degree in Latin languages. I was lucky enough to start work in the tourism sector immediately after graduation.

What does your job involve?   As part of Fez’s sales team, I support our team’s work by developing and quoting on customised tour programs.  In my job it is important to be quick with my responses, and to really make sure I understand what the client wants so I can offer something that best fits their needs, is achievable and will make them happy and satisfied. Our sales department also creates new products.

What’s your favorite part of your job?  Creating customized itineraries, offering solutions and ultimately selling our products, knowing that the customer has got something that meets their needs makes me happy. But more than anything, enabling people who may have only one chance to travel abroad throughout his/her life to have their dream trip is the most pleasing part of my job. I really feel great when I help someone in that situation.

What is your favorite place in Turkey?  As an Istanbulite, naturally my favourite place is Istanbul.  My family lives in Didyma, so I am an Aegean person as well. From Istanbul to the Southern Aegean is my favorite region – it is green and beautiful, and the coastline is amazing.

What is your favorite Fez Travel Tour?  Spirit of Turkey is probably my favorite Fez Travel Tour because I think that it really reflects the spirit of Anatolia. However, since I mainly deal with bespoke tours I utilize all Fez products which have been meticulously designed by my colleagues.

Tell us about the main photo here? This photo was taken beside Lake Bafa on the road to Bodrum. I love this picture because it reflects my life style which is all about road trips by motorcycle and photography.

Ebru from Fez Travel Sales TeamWhat do you like to do in your free time? As a tourism worker I have very little free time – this is the nature of our industry. However, as I mentioned above, I like to go on short or long distance trips by motorcycle to explore new routes and places whenever I can.  Occasionally I have to do a bit of work on the go – you can see  in the small photo here, I am on a motorcycle ride on my day off, at Goksu River on the Asian side of Istanbul, checking in with a tour guide about some plans for one of our groups. 


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