Being one of Europe’s great cultural destinations, as well as one of the world’s largest and most populous cities, there is an infinite number of reasons to visit Moscow’s attractions. Russia might not be high on everyone’s list of holiday destinations – but it should be. It is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world, with almost matchless depth of cultural and historical riches, and landscapes that have inspired artists and poets for generations. Home to 11.5 million souls, Moscow is many things to many people, and everyone finds their own reasons to visit and keep coming back. Yet Russia has opened up tremendously, and those who have taken the plunge and traveled to Russia come back with a wonderful treasure trove of memories – whether it is the glittering spires of St. Petersburg, the fabulous palaces of the Tsars or simply the haunting and unique landscape of the steppes. So, just to whet your appetite, here are some of many reasons why you should visit






  1. Take a breathtaking walk at The Red Square

One of the most breathtaking man-made wonders of the world is one of Moscow’s attractions, the magnificent Red Square is on every serious traveller’s bucket list. Considered the epicentre of Russia, all of Moscow’s main streets – and Russia’s major highways – originate from here. It’s also at the heart of many of Russia’s (and the world’s) great historical events. Walk the uneven cobblestones alongside the throngs of bustling citizens and you’ll see centuries of Russian history reflected in the architecture

russıa 1




  1. Satisfy your inner artist, explore Russia’s famous art galleries and museums

MOSCOW is a must visit for all art lovers, but if you’re just dipping your toes into the art world, Moscow is one incredible place to start. Among the plethora of galleries and museums is the Tretyakov Gallery, holding the world’s foremost collection of Russian fine art. Lots of the city’s former industrial areas have become cool and interesting art spaces, like ARTPLAY Centre of Design and Flacon Design Factory.

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  1. Take a ride on the Moscow Metro

Opened in 1935, Moscow’s metro system (apart from being an extremely handy way to get around the city) is a striking feat of engineering is one of the largest and oldest underground railway systems in the world. Its grand stations are remarkably beautiful, with their grandiose architecture, intricate mosaics and dramatic sculptures. Their world renown has turned many metro stations into tourist attractions in their own right.

russıa 3





  1. Spend your last dollar in Moscow boutiques 

Muscovites are shopping mad, and visitors to the city will quickly discover why. From the most glamorous high-end fashion brands to art and design pieces, antiques and traditional handicrafts, the opportunities for a hardcore spree are endless. The two most famous shopping centers, GUM and TSUM, are must-visits if only to admire (or baulks at) their stupendous swankiness. More affordable options can be found in the city’s many bustling flea markets, or in beautiful old boutique stores. 

russıa 4





  1. Get your taste buds satisfied

Moscow can surprise even the most demanding gourmand with the variety of foods, flavours and dining scenes on offer. Great food is everywhere, 24 hours a day. Russian cuisine is famous for exotic soups and rustic, hearty dishes like pelmeni (meat dumplings), pancakes with different fillings, and of course, caviar. But there’s so much more to Moscow’s modern gastronomic landscape, from sophisticated new takes on old-school cooking to cosmopolitan eateries offering refined cuisine from around the world.






  1. Experience the one and only – the Russian ballet show at the Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Ballet Company is one of the most enduring symbol’s of Russia’s esteemed cultural traditions, and Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre is the troupe’s fittingly elegant headquarters. Moscow’s oldest theatre has been painstakingly restored and renovated in recent years and is a must-see day or night. Taking in an evening performance of a classic Russian ballet like Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker is one of Moscow’s most captivating cultural experiences.






  1. Take a stroll with locals, check Moscow’s parks

While Moscow’s attractions are usually known to outsiders as a mixture of extravagant Tsarist architecture and stern Soviet buildings, much of Moscow is actually surprisingly green, and the city’s parks have grown into its pride and joy over the years. These well-groomed green areas provide some of Moscow’s best people watching and offer an enormous amount of things to do, from sports, playing board games on the pavement with the locals, enjoying the outdoor cafe or simply taking a break from the hectic pace of city life.






  1. Moscow never sleeps, you too?

Let it be known, Russians love to party, and Moscow is undoubtedly the party capital of Russia. The capital city has an incredible array of nightlife options and a scene for everyone – whether you’re keen to catch a live Russian rock band, slink into a smoky jazz club, go clubbing till the break of dawn or just lounge around with a beer and an endless array of fine local vodkas for the tasting.



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