Second Chance to Visit Gallipoli for 2015 commemorations

Many people were disappointed to miss out on a chance to attend the ANZAC Day 100th anniversary Dawn Service on 25 April 2015, in the recent ballot conducted by the Australian & NZ governments.

At Fez we have developed a range of  Gallipoli 2015 itineraries which provide
alternative options for those who missed out, but are still keen to visit Turkey and pay their respect during the Centenary of Gallipoli.

There is going to be an official service on 6 August 2015 to commemorate the Battle of Lone Pine.  We have a number of “August Offensive” tours that incorporate attendance at this service.

The August offensive saw the heaviest fighting of the Gallipoli campaign in 1915. It was one last attempt to break out of the deadlock that the campaign had fallen into. An integral part of the August offensive was an attack on heavily fortified Turkish trenches at an area known as ‘Lone Pine’.  It became known as ‘The Battle of Lone Pine’. The Turkish positions were considered ‘untenable’, impossible to capture but the attack was considered necessary to draw any Turkish reserves in the vicinity down onto Lone Pine and away from the key objective, a set of hills, known as ‘the heights’.

In 2015 we are also going to run Battlefields tours departing once a month between May and October 2015.  Finally, we also have an itinerary that includes attendance at a Remembrance Day ceremony on 11 November.

These programs are a great alternative for travellers who missed out in the big ballot.

Fez Travel’s tours are always accompanied by English speaking tour guides registered by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism, and our roots as a specialist Gallipoli tour operator mean that Fez guides have high level knowledge of Gallipoli.
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