Fez Travel Turkey 2015 is here!

With a new winery day tour, more tour options that go “off the beaten track”, and tours incorporating the August Gallipoli ceremony we are proud to introduce you to Fez Travel’s Turkey 2015 brochure.

Copies can be downloaded from our website.

Here’s a peek at what’s new in 2015:

  • New Thrace Winery Day Tour – Need something different as a pre or post tour option, or a creative day tour in Istanbul? The Thrace region produces 40% of Turkey’s wine, and is easily accessible from Istanbul on our new Thrace Winery Day Tour. Guests will have a chance to sample wine from 3 different vineyards and enjoy some fantastic scenery along the way.
  • Get off the Beaten Track with Fez – Perfect for second time visitors to Turkey, or first time visitors wanting something different, our Authentic Tour Program takes you to some less-visited areas in Turkey. Guests will have a chance to stay in some traditional, family run properties and get more involved in daily life of locals. Check out the Spirit of Turkey TourTurkey Trail Blazer and our range of Black Sea and Eastern Turkey tours – all part of the Authentic Tour program

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