Spotlight on Safranbolu

Ottoman-style wooden houses, a caravansaray, cobblestone streets and breathtaking scenery are just a few of the reasons to visit Safranbolu.

Back in the day, Safranbolu was a major area for growing and trading Saffron, and still produces one of the World’s best quality saffrons.

In the 17th Century, architecture here influenced much of the architecture across the Ottoman Empire. Even today, just walking through the town is a visual feast.  Many of the wooden houses you see are originals, or have been lovingly restored.

You will also find lots of artisans at work in the town – felt makers, saddle makers, shoe makers and more as you wander around the town’s charming cobble-stone streets.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you have come home – Safranbolu has sweet shops galore, and no visit is complete without taking away some of the town’s signature saffron-flavoured Lokum (Turkish Delight) or yaprak helvasi which is a local specialty – a layered white helva.

Guests on our Spirit of Turkey,  Turkey Trailblazer and Black Sea Explorer tours will have a chance to visit this charming UNESCO World Heritage-listed town.

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