Turkey’s Top 5 Travel Experiences as voted by our guests

What was the highlight of your trip to Turkey?  Here’s the top 5 list as voted by Fez Travel’s guests:

1. Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight
Year in, year out, a flight over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia takes out the number 1 place.  The morning starts with a pick up Cappadocia Hot Air Balloonfrom your hotel while it is still dark.  You get driven to the take off point where the pilots and other ground staff are laying out the balloons ready for inflation.  Then, while you are drinking a cup of coffee, they start to inflate the balloons, and then it is time to get in to the basket and go. It is easy to take a balloon flight anywhere in the world, but taking a flight over Cappadocia’s amazing landscape, which is said to be the closest thing to a lunar landscape is not to be missed. As you drift over the fairy chimneys you really will feel like you have been transported to another, magical world.

2.  Sailing on a gulet
guletMany of our guests have the opportunity to sail on a gulet as an option during their tour, while others choose to do a gulet cruise as an extension after their Fez Turkey tour.   A gulet is a traditional wooden, sailing boat, and a gulet cruise has something for everyone.  You can choose to spend your time reading on deck, swimming, snorkelling or just lazing about. If you are feeling more energetic, you can go ashore and visit some of the many ruins that are dotted along the Turkish coastline.  One thing is for sure – you will be amazed by the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, and you will want to come back for more.


3. Touring around Cappadocia
The Cappadocia area is amazing, not just for its landscape, but for its centuries of history.  This was the home of the early Christians in Turkey who built several Cappadocia Landscapeunderground cave cities as a place to hide from those who were persecuting them.  You will be amazed by the sophistication of the cities – with built in wine cellars, stables, places of worship and more.  You will also be delighted to find lots of fresco paintings depicting Christian scenes in many of the small churches cut into the rocks in many of the valleys in the area. Cappadocia is also the perfect place to find a terrace of a hotel or restaurant and while away some time just enjoying the views.


4. The ruins of Ephesus
Ephesus Celsus Library

A favourite with history and archaeology buffs alike, and a site likely to convert even non-history buffs into fans, Ephesus is the most visited ruins site in Turkey, and for good reason.  The ruins of Ephesus really give a good idea of the scale and layout of an ancient city.  As you walk along the streets of Ephesus you can really imagine what life was like, back in the day.  And, who can miss a chance to tread where some of the biggest names in history have walked before you?


5.  A trip to the hamam (Turkish Bath)
There’s no better way to restore body and mind to a glowing state than a trip to the hamam. While the thought of getting semi-naked with strangers may be at first terrifying, just relax and enjoy the experience as the expert hamam attendants firstly scrub away your grime then finish up with a foam massage.  As they squeeze the thick layer of foam all over you just before commencing the foam massage, trust us, you will be hooked.

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