Fez People – Meet our Product Manager Canan

Fez Travel Product Manager CananName: Canan Karaarslan 

Position: Product Manager

Where are you from? I was born and raised in Istanbul, as were my parents, however my family are from Trabzon in the Black Sea area.

How long have you been working for Fez Travel? that’s a long story, but the short story is that I have been here full time since 2010, and worked here part time for 2 years before that while I was at university.

What does your job involve?I am responsible for developing new tours, and sourcing the best rates from suppliers.  I also oversee the tour operations and monitor guest feedback.

What is your favourite place in Turkey? Safranbolu. It is a small town, and when I go there I feel like I am visiting another world, in another time.  It’s a great place to spend time and just wander around soaking up the atmosphere – all the old wooden houses really add to the charm.  Also lots of great food to be found here.  This photo is actually of my mum and I on a visit to Safranbolu.

What is your favourite Fez Travel Tour? My favourite tour has to be the Turkey Trailblazer Tour. Developing this tour was a real labour of love for me.  We increasingly get requests from guests who want to visit Turkey a second time, and so Turkey Trailblazer was developed in response to that – it incorporates some of the “must see” places such as Istanbul and Cappadocia for people who may not have been to Turkey, but essentially it focuses on getting off the beaten track and visits places that not so many tour operators go to. In designing the program the aim was to get people get much closer to Turkish daily life and culture – especially in rural areas. So it includes visits to places that we have never been before, and working with new suppliers – it was great to develop.  And, of course it goes to my favourite place – Safranbolu.

What is your favourite Fez activity? Cappadocia Hot Air Ballooning!  I visit Cappadocia several times a year as part of my job to check hotels and talk with other suppliers, and I try to fly as often as I can.  The landscape of Cappadocia is just amazing and I never get tired of drifting above it in a balloon – it’s good for the soul, and makes you feel as if you are in another World.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to knit!  My friends & family laugh because they find it strange that someone young is such an avid knitter – but I find it incredibly relaxing and a great stress reliever. I also do spinning and pilates classes as often as I can.



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